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 Subject : Jerry, It is wonderful.. 07/12/2010 10:22:23 AM 
Skalitzky, Diana
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Jerry, It is wonderful when your patrons donate isn't it? But then again... Our policy clearly states that donations are accepted, but may not be added to the collection unless they meet the needs of the library collection. We always tell folks; thank you, if we don't use the donation in the collection, we will give them to the Friends for the annual sale. Sometimes, people say they want the items back if we don't add them. usually they don't. You and your board determine the criteria for keeping items. Smell test, relevance, condition, age, are just a few of the criteria we use. Diana,
 Subject : Hello, Felloe Libraians.. 03/31/2010 09:04:07 AM 

Hello, Felloe Libraians:

My name is Jerry Dombraski and I am an Adult Services Librarian at the New Berlin Public Library. I am developing a donation policy here and I am curious how other libraries have handle donations. I would appreciate any comments about a policy, satandars and guidelines, what is accepted, what is dicarded, etc. I would appreciate any comments as I am trying to get a feel of what other libraries are do in this area.

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