August 2022 | Marc Boucher

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Marc Boucher | August 2022

For which library, institution, or organization are you currently employed? If you are retired, what was your former organization?
Lake Superior State University

How many year(s) have you been a member of Wisconsin Library Association?
I believe it has been since 1995 - maybe 1996. 

What has been your favorite or most impactful function or event of WLA?
This year's WAAL Conference was great.  The chance to get together in person and learn from so many dedicated librarians was refreshing and energizing!

How has being a member of WLA impacted you or your career?
I live and work in the UP, but staying connected to all the great professionals in WI has helped me to stay active professionally.  We have such a great network of libraries participating in WLA that have inspired me throughout my career that I knew I would never leave WLA even if I left the state, and I am so happy to be able to still stay connected.  WLA is my home no matter where I live and work.  Early on, WLA provided me the opportunity to understand what it meant to be a professional and provided me with the connections that I could use to learn from and eventually partner with.  The opportunities to present at various conferences always helped me keep my skills honed - thank you WLA!

Do you have a library role model (in Wisconsin or elsewhere) that has provided you with inspiration or guidance? Please share a little bit about it.
Lisa Weikel at UWM was an early WLA role model for me.  She was such a hard worker and dedicated to helping others be the best they could be.  April Kain-Breese from UW-Fox Valley was also a great model and mentor.  When I first became a director, she helped me learn the ropes, expectations and how to handle the ups and downs of management and leadership.  I am honored to call both Lisa and April friends and colleagues.

Do you have any advice for new WLA members?
Get involved!  Start by going to conferences, learning from others, then start presenting at conferences.  After that, help out with planning a conference and then branch out and get active in your section - run for a seat.  We always need people to step up and share your ideas and help us become even better!  It is very rewarding and you get out at least as much (if not more) than what you put in.