UW-Madison Memorial Library
728 State Street
Madison, WI 53706



Memorial Library is located at 728 State Street, Madison.

Driving directions, parking information, and parking maps are available here.

The conference will be held in Room 126 (aka Parents' Enrichment Fund Lecture Hall). To get to Room 126…

  • Enter the building from the State St entrance
  • Take a left
  • Go through the two doorways
  • Take a right
  • Go through the doors
  • Room 126 is the second room on the left (quite a ways down the hall). There's a clock sticking out over the door to the room.
  • Map of Memorial Library’s first floor.

You do NOT need an ID or pass to access this room. However, to get into the library part of the building, you will need a day pass, which can be obtained at the library entrance desk by showing valid identification with current address information and a photo.