As library professionals and WLA members, you are part of a special family. Now, as a way to honor all members of the WLA family, we have created an online memorial page to remember those of our colleagues who have passed away. If you know a member of our community who has recently passed away, please contact [email protected]. Please provide first name, last name, date of birth and death and name of library.


*Names are sorted alphabetically by last name


Loraine Adkins   (1945-2019)
Wisconsin State Historical Society

Joan Dros Allen  (1941-2020)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

Edith Anderson (1928-2021)
Mead Public Library

Jane Anderson   (1945-2021)
Evansville Community School District

Jenanne Anderson (1949-2021)
Wyland Academy, Cambria-Friesland School District

Linda Anderson  (1950-2014)
Kenosha Public Library

Leonard Archer   (1913-2003)
Oshkosh Public Library, Winnebago Regional Library System

Jane Arps   (1954-2012)
Appleton Public Library, Sheboygan Public Library, Sheboygan Area School District

Leonard Archer (1913-2003)
Oshkosh Public Library, Winnefox Public Library System


Janes Barnes   (1958-2020)
Mauston Public Library

Dorma Bartlett (1923-1993)
UW-Green Bay

Norman Bassett (1891-1980)

Wayne Bassett (1915-1988)
Wausau Public Library, Wisconsin Valley Public Library Service

Jean Beales  (1921-2011)

Gordon Bebeau   (1920-2013)
Appleton Public Library

Harriet Berfield   (1913-1999)
Rib Lake Public Library, Appleton Public Library

John Berens (1947-2022)

Jane Billings (1916-2004)
Clintonville Public Library, Clintonville Schools

Irene Blackford  (1918-2015)
Janesville Public Library

Orilla Thompson Blackshear (1904-1994)
Wisconsin Free Library Commission, Madison Public Library

Eleanor Blakely   (1923-2006)
UW-Madison Plant Pathology Library, Wisconsin State Historical Society

Elizabeth (Betty) Blankenship  (1931-2014)

Arlene Blommel  (1937-2020)
Racine Public Library, UW-Parkside

Joseph (Joe) Boisse   (1937-2015)

John Boll (1921-2013)
UW-Madison iSchool

Jeanne Boston  (1947-2018)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

Katherine Bowes (1960-2021)

Paul Breitsprecher  (1925-2015)

Franklyn (Frank) Bright   (1919-1993)

Clarence Brown   (1939-2018)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

Marion Buerger (1934-2021)
Wisconsin Lutheran High School, Waukesha Public Library

William (Bill) Bunce (1936-2002)
UW-Madison Kohler Art Library

Elizabeth Burr (1908-1996)
Wisconsin Free Library Commission, Wisconsin Division for Library Services


Robert (Bob) Carmack  (1937-2020)

William (Bill) Carter   (1952-2019)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

Rose Caruso   (1944-1996)
UW-Madison College Library

Debra (Deb) Case   (1953-2020)
Hedberg (Janesville) Public Library

Mary Cassinelli (1940-2018)
Wisconsin Housing and Development Authority

John Chancellor (1896-1980)
Wisconsin Free Library Commission

Lois Christensen   (1928-2014)
Milwaukee Public Library

Marge Christensen (1917-2008)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

Constance (Connie) Claypool   (1932-2009)
UW-Oshkosh, UW-LaCrosse

Lenore Coral  (1939-2005)
UW-Madison Music Library

Helen Crawford (1906-1994)
UW-Madison Health Sciences Library

Jean Cuje (1929-1992)
Marquette University


Jerome Jerry Daniels (1934-2009)

Barbara Davis   (1929-2020)
Lake Geneva Public Library

Sally Davis (1929-2000)
UW-Madison iSchool, Oconomowoc Schools

Nancy Day    (1929-2020)
Oconomowoc Public Library 

H. Vail Deale (1915-2004)
Beloit College 

Norma Deck   (1922-2013)
Racine Public Library

Ellen Desmarais   (1925-2014)
Washington Junior High School  (Kenosha)

Carol Lou Diehl (1929-2020)
School Districts of New London and Manawa

Barbara Dimick   (1945-2022)
Madison Public Library

Maria Dittman (1931-2005)
Marquette University  

Edith (Edie) Dixon (1951-2014)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

Gilbert Doane (1897-1980)
UW-Madison General Library

Sandy Dolnick (1936-2016)
Friends of Wisconsin Libraries

Betsy Donohue   (1926-2015)
Sheboygan North High School, UW-Madison Memorial Library 

Richard (Dick) Dorsey  (1929-2020)

Lyman Draper (1815-1891)
State Historical Society of Wisconsin 

Matthew Dudgeon   (1871-1949)
Wisconsin Free Library Commission, Milwaukee Public Library

Edward (Ed) Duesterhoeft   (1944-2017)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

Daniel Durrie   (1819-1892)
State Historical Society of Wisconsin 


George Earley   (1916-200)
Kenosha Public Library 

Lyle Eberhardt (1922-2010)
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) 

Theresa West Elmendorf   (1855-1932)
Milwaukee Public Library

James (Jim) Englebert   (1941-2020)
Trustee, Elisha D. Smith (Menasha) Public Library 

Margaret Ernst (1944-2018)
Appleton Public Library


Diane Fair   (1964-2020)
Waukesha County Technical College

Mary Ann Falbo   (1930-2014)
Racine Public Library

Sylvia Faust   (1937-2017)
Oshkosh Public Library

Janice Felda   (1930-2020)
Hedberg (Janesville) Public Library 

Valmai Fenster (1939-1984)
UW-Madison iSchool

Eileen Finnegan   (1930-2020)
Beloit Public Library

Peter Fissel  (1956–2020)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

Eileen Freen (1926-2015)
Marquette University

Muriel Fuller (1912-1978)
LaCrosse Public Library, UW-Madison iSchool


Robert (Bob) Gakovich  (1930-2016)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

D. Kaye Gapen  (1943-2019)

Kathryn (Kathy) Garton   (1947-2010)
Chilton Public Library

Mary Gates (1926-2014)
Fort Atkinson Public Library  

Dorothy (Johanns) Genthe (1929-2021)
Cuba City School District

Meredith Gillette   (1931-2019)
UW-Oshkosh, Cardinal Stritch University

Gilson Glasier   (1873-1972)
Wisconsin State Law Library

Kim Glaze   (1952-1987)
UW-Madison Memorial,  Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau

James Gollata   (1945-2021)
Mount Senario College, UW-Richland Center

Maureen Grant (1953- 2011)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

William (Bill) Grindeland   (1937-2018)
Racine Unified School District, UW-Milwaukee School of Library and Information Science

Leah Gruber   (1906-1996)
Fond du Lac Public Library, Legislative Reference Library, Prairie du Sac Public Library Trustee, Sauk County Library Board, South Central Library System Board

Marlene Gustafson  (1933-2021)
Lake Geneva Public Library, Sussex Public Library


Leslie Haagensen (1948-2021)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

Genevieve Hahn   (1932-2012)
Wisconsin State Library

Doris Hanson   (1919-2016)
Viroqua Elementary School

Sheilah Harrington    (1967-2020)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

Monica Harrison (1947-2021)
Madison Public Library

Lorraine Hawkinson   (1922-2018)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

Mary Emogene Hazeltine   (1868-1949)
UW-Madison Library School

Dorothy Heinrich  (1920-2014)
UW-Green Bay

Louise Henning  (1922-2016)
UW-Madison Art Library

Ramon (Ray) Hernandez (1936-2014)
Wisconsin Rapids Public Library

Kenneth (Ken) Herrick  (1940?-2018)

Marilyn Hicks  (1929-2019)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

Lora Hildebrandt   (1944-2020)
Racine Unified School District

Suzanne Hodgman  (1925-2020)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

Thomas Holberg (1944-2016)
Marquette University 

Iris McGhee Holder   (1933-2020)
Black River Falls School District 

Virginia Holtz (1932-2006)
UW-Madison Health Sciences Library

Shirley Hooverson  (1948-2016)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

Geraldine (Gerry) Hurley   (1951-2007)

Mary Horan (1947-2015)
Theda Clark Hospital Library 

Jane Hvizdak (1954-2021)
Spooner Memorial Library


Gloria Jackson   (1920-2020)
UW-LaCrosse, LaCrosse County Historical Society

William "Bill" Jambrek (1937-2020)
Kenosha Public Library

Melba Jesudason  (1932-2018)
UW-Madison College Library

Jeanne Johnson  (1921-2015)
Fond du Lac High School, UW-Superior, Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College – Superior campus

Roxann Johnson   (1943-2020)
Racine Public Library

Shirley Johnson (1927-2009)
UW Extension

Katherine Jones   (1866-19??)
Wisconsin Free Library Commission

Mary Jones (1939-2021)
Librarian for the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin

Gary Jordan   (1952-2022)
Madison Public Library

Kathleen (Casey) Jordan   (1944-2009)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

Mary Jordan  (1932-2013)
Newton Public Library, Newton High School


Ruth Kaczor   (1940-2011)
UW-Madison Memorial Library 

Louis (Lou) Kaplan   (1909-1994)

Betty Karweick   (1948-2020)
Michael Best & Friedrich, UW-Madison Law Library

Christa Katz   (1925-2020)
Medical College of Wisconsin

S. Janice Kee   (1908-1998)
Wisconsin Free Library Commission

James Keith   (1941-2020)
Lester Public Library of Rome

Miriam Kerndt (1928-2015)
UW-Madison Geography Library

Margaret (Peggy) Kindschi  (1950-2012)
Janesville Public Library, Columbus Public Library

James Klein (1940-2021)
Appleton School District, Consultant to Instructional Media and Technology Team of Department of Public Instruction

James (Jim) Klessig   (1940-2007)
Milwaukee County Museum, Lawrence University

Rosemary Klokow   (1921-2010)
Racine Public Library

John Koch (1947-2018)
UW-Madison Steenbock Library

Paul Koch   (1943-2014)
UW-Fond du Lac, Marian College

Joan Korsmeyer (1937-2016)
UW-Milwaukee, Mount Mary 

Dorothea Krause (1909-2003)
Wausau Public Library

Roger Krentz   (1940-2016)
Platteville Schools, UW-Whitewater

Richard Krug   (1905-1983)
Milwaukee Public Library

John Kuhlmann  (1968-2021)
UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus 

Ernest Richard (Dick) Kunert (1930-2012)
Mead Public Library 


Joan Laessig (1940-2022)
St. Dennis School, Strand Engineering Firm

Janice (Jan) Lang (1937-2011)
Reference & Loan 

Geraldine (Geri) Laudati (1947-2006)
UW-Madison Mills Music Library

Peter Laux   (1922-2012)
Milwaukee Public Library

Henry Legler   (1861-1917)
Wisconsin Free Library Commission

Dennis Lemanczyk   (1946-1990)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

Mary Lent   (1938-2020)
Black Rivers Fall Public Library

Sharon Lenz   (1947-2017)
Oshkosh Public Library 

Clarence Lester   (1877-1951)
Wisconsin Free Library Commission

Carol Lewis   (1942-2020)
Appleton Public Library

Klas Linderfelt   (1847-1900)
Milwaukee Public Library

Barbara List   (1934-2014)
Marquette University 

Neah Joann Lohr  (1932-2011)
Reedsburg Schools, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

Helen Lyman   (1910-2002)
Wisconsin State Library, UW-Madison School of Information and Library Studies (now known as the UW-Madison iSchool)


Sandra Mackie   (1945-2020)
VP/Trustee, Northern Waters Library System

Mary Malinkovich (1953-2017)
Milwaukee Public Library

Majorie Sornson Malmberg (1914-2004)
Viroqua Public Library, Chippewa Public Library, Appleton Public Library, Wisconsin Library Association 

Eleanor Manti   (1925-2013)
Marquette University

Nancy Marshall   (1933-2018)
UW-Madison, WiLS

Peggy Martin   (1927-2018)
Racine Public Library 

Charles Marx (1945- 2020)
UW-La Crosse Library 

Susan (Sue) Mauritz   (1944-2019)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

Charles R. McCarthy   (1873-1921)
Wisconsin Legislative Reference Library

Juanita McDowell  (1943-2017)
Endeavor Public Library 

Carole McEvoy   (1935-2020)
UW-Madison Steenbock Library

Eugene (Gene) McLane (1928-2008)
Fond du Lac Public Library, Mid-Wisconsin Public Library System 

Margaret McGowan (1929-2017)
Wauwatosa Public  

Julia Wright Merrill   (1881-1961)
Wisconsin Free Library Commission

Ann Mitchell   (1941-2008)
Lake Bluff Elementary School

Milton (Milt) Mitchell   (1945-2019)
Milwaukee Public Library, UW-Oshkosh, Oshkosh Public Library, Indianhead Federated Library System

Margaret Monroe (1914-2004)
UW-Madison iSchool

Lucy Morris   (1850-1935)
Wisconsin Free Library Commission

Carol Mueller   (1949-2015)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

Miriam Muir  (1916-2015)
Kenosha Public Library

Timothy (Tim) Muench   (1949-2017)
Appleton Public Library 

Elizabeth (Bette) Murray   (1924-2017)
Trustee, Greendale Public Library

Elizabeth (Beth) Murray   (1941-2019)
Hedberg (Janesville) Public Library

Margaret Murray   (1948-2018)
Marquette University, Brookfield Public Library 

Margaret Myers   (1921-2008)
UW-Madison Business Library


Gerhard (Gary) Naeseth   (1913-1994)

Milma Naeseth   (1914-2006)
UW-Madison Memorial Library,  DEMCO Educational Corporation

Nadeane Nass   (1930-2016)
Jefferson Public Library

Nolan Neds (1921-2006)
Milwaukee Public Library

Mary Ann Nevitt  (1936-2017)
Oshkosh Public Library, West Bend Public Library

Irene Newman (1895-2005)
Wisconsin Department of Public Education 

Manuela Nitti  (1946-2021)
UW-Madison Memorial Library 

Catherine (Cathy) Norris (1944-2012)
Janesville Public Library 


Minnie Oakley   (1861-1915)
Madison Public Library, State Historical Society of Wisconsin

Rita Odland (1933-2021)
Stoughton Public Library

Donald (Don) Oehlerts   (1927-2016)
Wisconsin State Historical Society 


Jerilyn Pappenfus   (1945-2020)
Germantown School District, Iron Ridge Public Library

William (Bill) Patch   (1919-2006)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

Janet Patterson  (1947-2017)
UW-Eau Claire

Thomas (Tom) Peischel  (1943-2020)

John Peters (1938-2014)
Wisconsin Historical Society 

Marit Peters (1957-2021)
Edgewood College Library

Jane Person-King   (1963-2016)
Madison Public Library

Sister Mary Louise Pfannenstiel (1937-2022)
Brother Dutton School (Beloit)

Virginia Phelan   (1939-2019)
President/Trustee Northern Door Library

Cornelia Pierce   (1873-1957)
Wisconsin Free Library Commission, UW-Madison School of Library and Information Studies

Joan Pierce (1929-2017) 

Beverly Pinch   (1922-2015)
East Troy School System

Georgia Portuondo   (1921-2007)
UW-Madison Memorial Library 

Virginia Potter (1932-1996)
Fond du Lac Public Library, Wisconsin Department of Public Education 

Cleo Powers  (1945-2014)
UW-Eau Claire

Sandy Prettie   (1959-2020)
Plymouth Public Library 


Milan Radovich   (1928-2019)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

Bette Ramsden   (1947-2000)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

William Ready   (1914-1981)
Marquette University 

Walter (Walt) Reandeau (1938-2009)
Sun Prairie Public Library

Genevieve Reber   (1918-2008)
Rice Lake Public Library, Prairie Farm Public Library, UW-Eau Claire 

Thomas Rees (1929-2022)
Wisconsin Maritime Museum, Manitowoc County Historical Society

Harry Reid   (1945-1994)
UW-Madison Memorial Library 

Barbara Reinhold   (1937-2020)
Campbellsport Public School, Fond du Lac Sabish Senior High

John Rettig   (1920-2010)
UW-Madison Memorial Library 

Reade Rettig   (1925-2007)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

Dennis Ribbens (1935-2022)
Lawrence University

Delores Rifleman   (1923-2007)
Green Bay Public Library, Allouez Public Schools, Washington Junior High School (Green Bay) 

Jo Rocca (1927-1993)
Mead Public Library

Jane Roeber (1938-2021)
Madison Public Library, UW-Extension,  Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI)

Ruby Roeder (1913-2017)
Beaver Dam Public Library 

Gloria Roge (1931-2020)
Grandview School

Roma Rogers   (1939-2915)
Oshkosh Public Library 

Alexander (Alex) Rolich   (1923-2014)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

Megan Rosborough   (1974-2022)
LaCrosse County Library System

Phyllis (Kimbrough) Rose (1932-2021)

William (Bill) Roselle (1936-2017)

H. Jean Rowley   (1927-2010)
UW-Madison Memorial Library


Mariam Sahakian (1925-2022)
Madison Public Library, Kenosha Public School District

Philip (Phil) Sawin (1933-2018)

Louise Schang   (1941-2020)
Ripon College, Princeton School District

Rachel Schenk   (1899-1973)
UW-Madison School of Library and Information Studies

Bernard (Bernie) Schwab (1920-1990)
Madison Public Library

Laurie See (1960-2022)
UW-Madison Law Library, Wisconsin Valley Library Service, Marathon County Public Library

Robert (Bob) Sessions   (1947-2020)
UW-Madison Steenbock Library 

Peggy Shaffer (1927-2011)
Lakeshores Public Library System

Leslyn Shires (1939-2015)
Wisconsin Department of Public Education, Fond du Lac Public Library, Wauwatosa Public Library 

Terrance (Terry) Shults   (1947-2018)
Ripon College

Enid Simon (1935-2018)
UW-Madison Engineering Library

Debra (Deb) Slaats   (1956-2020)
Platteville Public Library

Barbara  (Barb) Smith   (1949-2012)
Juneau Public Library

Fern (Elaine) Smith   (1932-2016)
McMillian Memorial  (Wisconsin Rapids) Public Library

Walter Mcmynn Smith   (1869-1939)

Gerald Somers (1921-2003)
Green Bay Public Library

Marilyn Jean Sorenson (1933-2022)
Door County Library - Sturgeon Bay

Sara Soukup (1977-2021)
Lake Geneva Public Library

Joshua (Josh) Steans   (1970-2019)

Lutie Stearns   (1866-1943)
Wisconsin Free Library Commission

Patricia (Patty) Steele   (1945-2019)
Neillsville Public Library, Marshfield Public Library

Father Francis Steffen (1931-2020)
Master of Arts in library science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; Chairman of the Wisconsin Association of School Librarians

Ruth Steffen (1925-2019)
UW-Stevens Point

Beth Stein   (1963-1013)
Pepin Public Library 

Lilly Stensvold (1929-2021)
Spooner Memorial Library

Quentin de Streel   (1934-1998)
Dane County Library System 

Joseph Strmecki   (1918-1993)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

Charles Szabo   (1914-1992)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

Veronica Szabo   (1920-2002)
UW-Madison Memorial Library  


Charles (Chuck) Tadych   (1945-2020)
Manitowoc Public Library

Rev. Phil Talmadge (1928-2010)
Marquette University

Elaine Taylor   (1921-2006)
Chippewa Falls Public Library

Herbert (Herb) Tepper   (1921-1998)
Wisconsin State Historical Society

Leonard Tessen   (1939-2019)
State Library of Wisconsin

Jean Thompson Souter (1929-2021)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

Gertrude Thurow (1906-1993 )
La Crosse Public Library, Winding Rivers Public Library Service

Reuben Gold Thwaites   (1853-1913)
State Historical Society of Wisconsin 

Cecile (Penny) Timmerman (1926-2021)
UW-Oshkosh Polk Library

Mary Tipton (1944-2014)
Green Bay Public Library, WiLS, UW-Madison Memorial Library 

Miriam Tompkins   (1892-1954)
Milwaukee Public Library

Robert (Bob) Toomey  (1928-2005)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

Paula Torgeson   (1950-2018)
Fox Lake Public Library


Phyllis Unmacht   (1944-2022)
Monona Public Library,  Immaculate Heart of Mary School

Dennis Unterholzner (1944-2022)
Carthage College, Hedberg Library


Andrea Van Groll (1954-2016)

Ella Veslak   (1897-1996)
Shawano Public Library, Shawano County Library

Alice Viney   (1934-2020)
River Falls Greenwood Elementary School


Gerald (Jerry) Wager   (1948-2004)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

Gloria Waity (1933-2015)
"Free Lance Librarian"  

Mina Waldie (1930-2018)
Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau 

Louise Butler Walker   (1914-2000)
Fort Atkinson Public Library

Richard (Dick) Walker    (1930-2019)
UW-Madison iSchool

Chester Wang  (1920-2016)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

Geraldine (Gerri) Wanserski   (1952-2020)
UW-Madison Health Science (Ebling) Library

Patricia Ann Wargula  (1946-2017)
Sun Prairie Public Library, Edgerton School System

Barbara Wedekind   (1942-2017)
Madison Public Library

Elwyn Weible   (1934-2016)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

Erwin Welsch    (1935-2009)
UW-Madison Memorial Library

Esther Wentz   (1939-2017)
Osceola School District

Richard West   (1944-2020)
UW-Madison Engineering (Wendt) Library

Barbara Wetherbee   (1937-2019)
Antioch Public Library 

Ronald (Ron) Wiecki  (1956-2019)
UW-Madison Music Library

Benton (Ben) Wilcox   (1900-1988)
Wisconsin State Historical Society

Lowell Wilson (1916-2015)
Trustee, Lakeshores Public Library System, Janesville School District

Jeanne Witte (1952-2017)
UW-Madison Steenbock Library

Corrine Wocelka   (1931-2014)
Lawrence University 

Mary L. Woodworth   (1926-1986)
UW-Madison School of Information and Library Studies (now known as the UW-Madison iSchool)

Dorothy Wright    (1913-2007)
New London Public Library

James (Jim) Wroblewski  (1950-2015)
Southwest Wisconsin Library System

Daisy Wu (1930-2015)
UW-Madison Steenbock Library


Dianna Xu   (19?? - 2019)
UW-Madison Memorial Library


Gloria Young   (1950-2015)
Pittsville School District

Rosemary Young Singh   (1945-2021)
Manitowoc Public Library


Sheila Zillner   (1952-2020)

Andrew (Andy) Zinkl  (1942-2015)
UW-Green Bay 

Virginia Zoelle (1920-2016)
Waterford Public Library

Telle Zoller (1939-2021)
UW-Madison Memorial Library, UW-Madison Law Library

LeRoy Zweifel   (1924-1992)
UW-Madison Engineering (Wendt) Library