To foster improved abilities on the part of library trustees, Friends & advocates, in order to create better libraries and library services in Wisconsin.


  • Provide opportunities to learn more about state library trends and services through publications issued by WLA and through attendance at workshops and conferences sponsored by WLTF.
  • Exist as a resource to better evaluate and develop the local library by sharing information on the activities of library boards.
  • Foster interaction between trustees, advocates, and Friends.
  • Create opportunities for members to participate in WLTF projects and committees.


  • A Spring and Fall conference which brings public librarians, Friends, trustees & advocates together from around the state. A special day is held for advocates at both conferences.
  • Advocacy on issues unique to public libraries.

*Many Wisconsin libraries or systems pay for WLA membership on behalf of their trustees & Friends because they recognize the benefits of belonging to the organization.






Article I. 


This organization shall be known as Wisconsin Library Trustees and Friends (WLTF), a Division of the Wisconsin Library Association (WLA).

Article II.


The principal objective of this division is to promote the advocacy of libraries by facilitating communication and the sharing of ideas among library Trustees, Friends and others committed to creating better libraries and library services in Wisconsin.

 Article III.   


Membership in WLTF is open to all members of the Wisconsin Library Association.  

 Article IV. Officers and Duties
Section 1.  The officers of WLTF shall be Chair, Vice Chair/Chair-Elect and Secretary, Immediate Past Chair and WLA Board Representative. The WLA Board Representative will be appointed by the WLTF Chair & approved by the WLTF Board. All other officers shall be elected annually by vote of the general membership. Unit officers may serve as the WLA Board representative concurrently.  
Section 2.  Duties    

A.     Chair - preside at all meetings of the WLTF membership, Board and Executive Committee.  Represent WLTF in all official capacities; appoint all committees as deemed advisable by the  Board or as provided  in the Policies & Procedures.  Serve ex-officio on all committees.

  B.     Chair-Elect - In the absence of the Chair perform all duties assigned to  the Chair.
  C.     Secretary - Record minutes of all meetings of the membershipand board. Prepare minutes for mailing to Board members and the WLA Executive Director.  Handle correspondence as directed by the Chair.
   D. Immediate Past Chair - Assumes duties of Vice Chair when that office is called upon to fill a vacancy as Chair. Fills office of Chair and Vice Chair for remainder of term if both offices become vacant. 
  E. WLA Board Representative – Acts as a liaison between WLTF and the WLA Board by serving as a member of the WLA Board of Directors and shall have voting rights on both the WLA & WLTF Boards.
Section 3.  All officers except the WLA Board Representative shall assume office for one year and may succeed to the office for one additional year upon re-election. The WLA Board Representative shall serve for a 3 year term.
Section 4. In order to provide geographical representation for public library systems, up to 17 members at large may be appointed.
Article V. Nominations and Elections
Section 1. The Chair shall annually appoint a nominations committee to prepare a slate consisting of at least one nominee (who shall be a division member) for each position to be filled in that year's election.  The slate shall be presented to Board at the spring Board meeting.  In the event the previous year's Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect is unable to serve as this year's chair, the slate shall include a nominee for chair.
Section 2. Additional nominations may be made to any elective office by filing a petition of nomination signed by the nominee with the WLTF Chair prior to July 1. The completed slate shall be delivered to the WLA office by July 15, each year.
Section 3.  A ballot shall be mailed to each personal member of the Division in connection with the WLA mail ballot.  The candidate for each office receiving the largest number of votes shall be elected.  The vote totals will be published with the results of the WLA elections.  In case of a tie vote, the determination shall be by lot.
Article VI. The Board
Section 1. The Board shall be comprised of the officers of WLTF, and the at-large Directors.
Section 2. The Administrator of DLTCL or their representative shall be invited to attend all meetings of the Board as a non-voting member.
Article VII. Meetings
 Section 1. The annual meeting of the membership shall be held at the time and place of the annual meeting of WLA.
 Section 2. Special membership meetings may be held at any time by special call of the Chair or at the request of ten members of WLTF.
 Section 3. The Board may meet four times a year in regular session.
 Section 4. Special meetings of the Board may be called by the Chair or at the request of any four members of the Board.
 Section 5. Timely notice (seven days) for a special meeting of the membership or Board shall be required, and an agenda stated.
Article VIII.       Committees  
Section 1. The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers.  The Executive Committee shall be authorized to transact any business of the division of an urgent nature, between regular meetings of the Board, reporting such action to the Board at its next regular meeting.
 Section 2. All other committees shall be ad hoc, appointed by the Chair and approved by the Board.
 Article IX.


Five members of the Board shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of conducting the business of the Board.

Article X.


These Policies & Procedures may be altered, amended, or repealed at any meeting of the WLTF Board when a quorum is present.

Article XI.

Rules of Order

The rules contained in the Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure, latest edition, shall govern the Association in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the Articles of Incorporation and the Policies & Procedures of the Association. If the rules contained in the Standard Code do not adequately address the issue, then Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised, will be consulted.

 Article XII.


WLTF may be dissolved by a two-thirds vote of its current membership present at the annual WLTF business meeting, or by the WLA Board. Notice that a vote on dissolution of the section will be on the agenda of the annual WLTF business meeting shall be sent to each member at least thirty calendar days prior to the meeting.