The Literary Award Committee's duties pertain to adult authors and illustrators exclusively. The Committee selects the recipient of the WLA Literary Award; provides additions to the list of Notable Wisconsin Authors/Illustrators and the biographical information which accompanies them; and annually selects a maximum of ten books to receive Outstanding Achievement recognition.

Criteria for the WLA Literary Award and the Outstanding Achievement include:

  1. Publication in the year preceding the year of presentation; 
  2. recognition of a single work, not for the body of an author’s/illustrator’s work; and
  3. the work must be written or illustrated by a person who was born in Wisconsin, is currently living in Wisconsin, or who lived in Wisconsin for a significant length of time. 

The Committee welcomes nominations. Title, author and/or illustrator, date of publication and author's/illustrator's connection to Wisconsin can be submitted to the current Committee Chair via email. Though not required for consideration, a copy of the nominated work can be mailed to the Literary Award Committee c/o the WLA office. Copies sent will not be returned. Nominations must be received by April 15 of their eligible year.

WLA Literary Awards Committee
Literary Awards Committee
Lane Library
Ripon College
c/o Andrew Prellwitz 
PO Box 248
Ripon, WI 54971


Chair: Andrew Prellwitz      
Kelly Davis      
Anna Zook       
Beth Gabriel    
Hannah Majeska  
Liz Ringstrom   
Lori Kreis      
Maryann Owen    
Sam Molzahn     
Sara State Gold 
Tracy Haack